Roasted Roots with Apple Cider Vinegar Reduction


1 head of garlic

1 lb carrot sticks

1 lb beet wedges

1 onion in wedges

1 cup apple cider vinegar

¼ cup sugar

4 tbsp butter

Set the oven to 400

Stir apple cider vinegar and sugar into a small saucepan, put on low on the back burner to simmer for the duration of the meal prep. Stir occasionally.

Prepare root crops as described while oven is warming

Melt butter and toss butter and cut vegetables in a large salad bowl.

Place buttered vegetables on a cooking sheet evenly spaced and not overlapping, place in oven. Cook at 400 for ten minutes, reduce to 350 and cook another 20-25 until lightly browned and beginning to shrivel.

Apple cider vinegar solution will have reduced to about ½ cup.

In a large wok or wide pan on medium heat place all root vegetables and pour over reduction. Flip together until roots are coated evenly. This should take only a few seconds.

Transfer to a platter and serve hot.