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Here at Sound Vegetables, we know snacks can be crazy healthy, local, fresh and delicious without the wasteful packaging. Try something better for you and your team! Munch away guilt free while focusing on your organizations biggest priorities. With free office delivery from our farm in Redmond, WA, snacking is solved!

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Sweet or savory, vegan or gluten free, these snacks suit a healthy diet, no matter how picky your office is. Everything is straight from farm and tastes amazing too!

Enjoy the benefits of snacking on fresh produce since it retains more nutritious value compared to processed foods.

  • No artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners

  • No corn syrup of any kind

  • No hydrogenated oils or MSG

    Need one-time delivery? Order items a la carte for the office or special events. No matter the occasion, we got you!

Office Farm Share

Bring the farmers market to your office. Each week we deliver a minimum of 5 boxes of produce to your office for a 22 week season. Each box includes 7-10 items perfect for the at home chef. Employees can share, or rotate who gets what each week. Recipes, Farm Tour and Farmer Q+A included.

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